Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded Review

After only 3 months since the release of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Square Enix and Disney are at it again with the cell phone remake to DS Kingdom Hearts: Re: Coded. Kingdom Hearts uses the mixture of Disney world’s with characters as well as Final Fantasy characters that gives this series its uniqueness as well as a boy named Sora wielding the mysterious Keyblade alongside Donald and Goofy to save the worlds from darkness and to bring the light back to balance.

Re: Coded takes place right after Kingdom Heart 2 and begins with Jiminy Cricket reading the journal from the adventures of Kingdom Hearts 1 when he sees a mysterious message that he didn’t write. He then takes the journal to King Mickey who then decides in order to figure out the message they must dive into the journal itself and recruit Sora within the journal to help them solve the mystery.

This game will revisit worlds from Kingdom Hearts 1 but it’s not a retelling of Kingdom Hearts 1 and has its own unique story where Sora will go through the Disney world’s helping Mickey solve the mystery. The journal has also been corrupted so along the way Sora will have to restore the worlds from the bugs in order to advance to the next world and to get that much closer to solving the mystery.

Battles are still the same and in real-time where Sora can unleash powerful combos and magic spells to defeat the heartless and find the Keyhole in order to save the world. Keyholes act as the core to the journal worlds where Sora goes into the core to fix the problem of that world and each world has their own unique way of going through the core to the boss that is causing the problems in the world.

The core of the world can either be a turn-based battle, a 2D side scroller, or a shooter. This gives the game not only uniqueness but also the feel that you’re not doing the same thing over and over.

The level up system is similar to Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. You must equip your level ups, attack bonuses, magic bonuses, and learn new abilities through a system known as the Stat Matrix. The Stat Matrix gives you new commands, accessory slots, as well as make Sora more powerful. The Keyblade also levels up which allows it to unleash more powerful attacks and combos.

The camera controls are a little difficult and take some getting used to. Unlike 358/2 Days you can’t change the camera controls to where it feels like the PS2 titles and are only stuck with one camera setting holding down the R button and controlling the camera with the D-pad and can prove to be inconvenient when in a battle. If you could change the camera controls as you could in 358/2 Days then it wouldn’t have been an issue.

Sora will also come across glitches within the world that he must fix in order to advance within the journal. To do this Sora must find the “backdoor” of the area and go within the datascape to fix the glitch and repair the area. During this players can also bet SP to complete challenges within the datascape. SP can be used to buy new chips to make Sora stronger and gain new abilities as well as munny and exp.

The game isn’t bad but with Birth by Sleep having been released 3 months ago it seems to be a rushed title especially with Kingdom Hearts 3DS and Kingdom Hearts 3 still being in development. This title is indeed another filler title and if you’re a fan of the series by all means buy this game, if not then I suggest a rental at least. However that’s just it it’s only a filler title and the only significance the story itself actually has is the ending.

Graphics: 8/10

Gameplay: 7/10

Replayability: 5/10

Overall: 6/10