Golden Sun: Dark Dawn Review

It’s been 7 years since Golden Sun: The Lost Age was released,  where Isaac and his friends restored the power of alchemy in the world of Weyard which they became known as the Warriors of Vale. While bringing back the power of alchemy an event known as the Golden Sun occurred where Isaac and company were directly effected by it making it to where they age very slowly. However the Golden Sun has also caused the world to be thrown off-balance causing many natural disasters in the world of Weyard. Now 30 years have passed since the Golden Sun event and a new generation of warriors will set out to assist Isaac, the children of the Warriors of Vale.

Now the story begins with Isaac, Garet, and their children, Matthew and Tyrell, monitoring the after effects of the Golden Sun close to Mount Aleph. Later Karis, the daughter of Ivan, comes with a soarwing that will allow Isaac and Garet to view the area from the sky without being on the ground and avoiding danger. Tyrell then breaks the soarwing and in order to make a new soarwing they need a crucial item to make it known as a Roc Feather, this begins the adventure of the children of the Warriors of Vale.

Along the journey Matthew and friends will battle many creatures and deadly enemies with the help of Psynergy, a power that only Adepts can use, and helpful creatures known as Djinn. Psynergy can be used both in battle and in the world to help players solve puzzles and open up new areas. Djinn will allow players to use their powers to unleash powerful summons as well as use more powerful Psynergy in battle.

As usual the main character never speaks but instead can choose yes or no options to advance the story. In this title players can now choose four different expressions to express what the main character thinks of the current situation happy, excited, sad, and angry. These choices allow the player to show that the character is showing opinion in the story despite the fact he doesn’t say anything. All characters will react with the player’s choice and will proceed the story from there.

The cut scenes although they are great, do tend to be a bit too long and some places often repeat what was already mentioned in the dialogue itself during that specific scene. Aside from these small problems the cut scenes are great and as previously mentioned are interactive.

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn is a great sequel to the Golden Sun series and even though it’s not as great as the original, the game is still great in its own way. With the return of an already great story, the original interactive elements with the use of Psynergy, the unique use of the Djinn, and the occasional problem of the cut scene dialogue repeating itself this is a great DS RPG title. Not to mention players who have been playing Golden Sun since the beginning will love all of the references the story makes towards Golden Sun and Golden Sun 2.

Graphics: 9/10

Gameplay: 8/10

Replayability: 7/10

Overall: 8/10