Angry Birds Review

Who would have thought that flinging birds across the screen would be so much fun. Flinging the birds is a huge part of the game but there is more to it than that. Story wise its nothing special or original. A bunch of  evil green pigs have stolen eggs that belong to a bunch of birds. Apparently evil pigs are suppose to be green. I find it pretty funny actually. Instead of simply getting the eggs back the birds employ a different tactic which, involves taking out the pigs. There is a lesson to be learned though, never piss off a bunch of angry birds and don’t steal their eggs. The pigs are protected by structures that made out of stone, glass and wood. Unfortunately there is no big bad wolf to blow the structures down. Instead, the birds get catapulted from a slingshot in hopes of destroying the structures, the surrounding objects and of course the pigs themselves. Early levels are pretty easy but later levels get very challenging. Apparently the pigs hired a pretty good contractor because their structures are very hard to destroy at times.

There are many levels in the game. The levels get more difficult. A player gets 1, 2 or 3 stars depending on how many birds they use. Using all the birds gives the person no stars at all. Replay value is very good because its really rewarding getting 3 stars along with a  high score. Rovio is the company that made angry birds and not many people have heard of them. Its very impressive to get such a quality game from a unknown game company. I was very impressed. There are five birds that get unlocked as the game progresses and each bird has its own unique abilities. The red bird goes in one direction. The blue bird explodes into 3 small birds. The yellow can have its flight speed increased like a missile in mid-flight, the white bird lays an explosive egg and the black bird explodes like a bomb. You are given a preset amount of birds before each level begins. Its a strategy game pretty much and requires a good deal of thinking. You are given a score at the end of each episode and there are five episodes total. You must succeed in each level to unlock the next one. You can even get a golden egg but that happens randomly.

The graphics are simple yet colorful and add a lot of charm to the game. Structures destroy realistically. The audio features funny sounds that are sure to make you laugh. The chirping sounds that the birds make is hilarious. If you fail to take out the pigs then they will simply laugh at you and its very funny for sure. Its not fun to be mocked at by a bunch of green pigs. Its time for then to pay the price for stealing the eggs and their mockery. At the end Angry Birds is a great game with great replay value. Its pretty funny as well. I enjoyed it very much. On top of all that its very affordable. If Angry Birds is any indication of what Rovio is capable of then I don’t think we have seen the last of those crazy birds.