Retro Review: Super Mario Bros. (NES)

Welcome to the second installment of Retro Reviews. Today were going to set the time machine back to October 1, 1985. This was the date where Mario and Luigi set on an adventure to save Princess Peach from the clutches of Bowser.

Now for a quick history lesson Mario did not always go off trying to find the princess in another castle. Mario was originally saving a girl from the big ape we know as Donkey Kong. Next Mario and Luigi were put in a game called Mario Bros. which the gameplay was actually somewhat similar to Joust which both Mario Bros. and Joust turned out to be successful arcade games. Mario then left the arcade scene and went to the consoles where we would face a new nemesis.

Super Mario Bros. had a very simple gameplay formula and it worked. Players would go from Point A to Point B collecting coins, fighting Koopas, Goombas, Flying Koopas, and more enemies to get to the end of the world.  Players will go through 8 worlds and each world has 4 levels each and the fourth level players will encounter Bowser. As players progressed through the worlds they would seek coins and power ups such as the mushroom to allow Mario to become Super Mario and the Fire Flower to allow Mario to throw fireballs at this enemies. Players also had the Power Star which allowed Mario to become invincible for a very short period of time. You could even team up with a friend and conquer the challenges of the Mushroom Kingdom.

The graphics were amazing for its time. The environment popped out at you and was even somewhat interactive with destroying the ? boxes, to going into pipes, and even destroying bricks.Although these days not many developers use a 16-bit graphics  to make their games, but these games should still be treasured and remembered as classics.

Now if the gameplay wasn’t enough to send you down memory lane then perhaps the game’s soundtrack will make that trip possible. The main tunes that generally stick out is the Mario theme, The Underground theme, and the Underwater level theme. These songs are still hummed by gamers today and are even ringtones for cell phones. It is still considered as one of the best in-game soundtracks known to the gaming world.

Although nothing can beat the original 1985 release and the re-releases in the 1985 style this game perfected how action-adventure games should be played in the decade of heavy metal and hard rock. This is definitely the game you want in your collection if you’re a retro gamer. I’ll even go as far to say as all gamers should have this game in their collection. Even if you just download this for your Nintendo Wii you should have this game it’s a true classic and helped began one of the greatest rivalries known to the gaming world. However, it’s still not as great as Mario vs. Donkey Kong.

Graphics: 9/10

Gameplay: 10/10

Replayablity: 10/10

Overall: 9.5/10