Infinity Blade Review

Infinity Blade is a game by Epic Games but with a twist. It’s an iPhone game running the Unreal engine. The premise is you are out seeking revenge against the God King who possesses the Infinity Blade for killing your father.  Is it fun?  Keep reading to find out. Also, since this is an iPhone game it will be reviewed a bit differently.


The gameplay is simple and great. It’s an RPG / Action adventure where all you do is kill big enemies and level up to fight the God King. The game is short but is a joy to play through multiple times and you will. The game requires playing multiple times though with different characters or descendants of the original character; however, they all stay at a level according to the bloodlines experience. Meaning when descendant 3 dies and is level 4 his son will be level 4 as well.

(10 / 10)


This game is the best looking game on the iPhone. It looks better than Resident Evil 4 and other games I’ve played, and that’s mostly because Infinity Blade runs the Unreal Engine. It looks better on the iPad and iPhone 4 screens as these are crisper displays. That is not to say the iTouch and iPhone 3Gs are bad-looking either.



Good and well done controls are hard to find. This game nails it because it doesn’t try to take physical buttons and create them on a touch sensitive interface. Rather it uses that touch interface as it’s means of control. Meaning, want to slash your enemy across the chest ? Swipe your finger across his chest and so be it. The controls however are not perfect because the interface is sensitive instead of blocking u may dodge and another example u may attack instead of dodge. The controls are very well done though the best I’ve seen on a touch screen yet.

(9.5 / 10)


The game is amazing, beautiful and very well done. It does has its tiny flaws but what game does not now a days?

(9.75 / 10)