Goldeneye 007 Review

Goldeneye came out in 1997 and remains one of the best video games even until now. It singly handedly changed the way FPS games were played. 13 years have passed and we now have Goldeneye 007 for the Wii. It’s created by Eurocom and is a re-imagining of the original. It takes some of the old and adds a new twist to keep up with modern times. Is the new Goldeneye an instant classic or is it a rip-off of the original? Read on to find out.

I was very excited when I heard that there would be a new Goldeneye game for the Wii. Having remembered the original so fondly I was excited to play the new version. The game is built on a modified version of Dead Space: Extraction also made by Eurocom. The game starts off with a slick intro. Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls performs the title song, which was originally sung by Tina Turner. Daniel Craig replaces Pierce Brosnan which is a good idea because Daniel Craig is a grittier and tougher James Bond.

The levels are new although there isn’t much of a change in the story. At its core it’s an old-school shooter. You still get the sense that you’re playing the role of James Bond. It’s really exciting. The game has four difficulty levels. Even on the easiest difficulty the game still remains a challenge. You can miss some objectives on the easy mode and still be able to save and continue. However, if you decide to play on the higher difficulty levels not only do the enemies get tougher and are more numerous but you also have additional objectives that must be completed as well. The enemy AI is pretty good. However, there are times when enemies will shoot at me despite not being detected and it is very strange. There is a bit of a slowdown during the game play when things get really intense. Instead of high-tech gadgets James Bond uses a Smartphone to complete certain objectives such as, taking pictures, scanning objects, etc.

The first mission serves as a tutorial and gives you a taste of what’s to come later in the game. You start with some stealth then the pace quickly picks up. You have a fun truck chase, explosions, vehicle collisions and enemies get smacked off car doors. That’s just getting things started. The element of stealth returns again and you have shooting and explosions again. That’s basically how the game flows and it works really well. There is even a mission where you drive a tank. Entire buildings collapse. You get the feeling like you’re in a war zone. You can either go into a mission guns blazing or by using stealth. Some areas are designed for stealth while others are designed for full-fledged firefights. Cover is your best friend in the game so use it to your advantage. Certain cover gets destroyed by repeated gunshots so be careful.

The game can be either played with the Classic Controller, Gamecube Controller, the Wii Zapper, or the Wii Remote combined with the Nunchuck. The Wii Zapper seems a little iffy. Using the Wii Remote combined with the Nunchuck gives you the ability to lean out of cover. I don’t have a Gamecube Controller so I can’t comment on its use. I enjoyed using the Classic Controller. All in all it felt very intuitive and natural. The buttons can be remapped which is a huge plus. You can also use the Classic Controller Pro (available in Gold when you buy the GoldenEye 007 Classic Controller Pro Bundle).

It still looks like a pretty good game even though it isn’t high definition. Eurocom knew the Wii’s hardware limitations but still managed to make a pretty looking game. The environments look very good especially the outdoor ones. The first mission features a downpour of rain while you infiltrate a dam. Another mission takes place in the snow while you try to infiltrate a building.  The weather effects are very nice. The characters models look convincing and very detailed. The audio is also really good and consists of solid weapon sounds, explosions and terrific voice acting. The character animations are top-notch due to motion capture. There is also destructive cover, which adds a nice touch to the game.

It wouldn’t be a James Bond game without some good multiplayer. The game features two multiplayer combat modes: offline split screen for up to four players and online play for up to eight players. The online multiplayer is done through the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection. Characters in the multiplayer include James Bond, Alec Trevelyan, Jaws, Oddjob just to name a few. You have multipliers and XP progression. You have modifiers such as, Hotshots, Paintball, Revenge, Rubber, Sticky Grenades and Nicknack Mode. Things can really get hectic when you have 4 players competing against each other.

It is an adrenaline filled and challenging game. It has a great nostalgic feeling. It looks and sounds great. It has great gameplay. It’s capped off by a solid multiplayer. With higher difficulty settings the game offers even more replay value. The game is an instant classic and a contender for game of the year. It’s simply the best FPS for the Wii.