Super Mario Bros. Wii Review


It’s hard to believe but the original Super Mario Bros. came out 24 years ago. Come 2009 and we got ourselves New Super Mario Bros. Wii. It was a big transition for me because the first Super Mario game I played was 8 bit, and the latest Super Mario game being a next-generation game, albeit a 2D side scrolling platformer. From the moment I started playing the all too familiar characters, and level design brought back very fond memories as a child. The original game consumed a great deal of my time and the latest version is no different.

The story doesn’t differ that much from the original but that’s OK because the heart of the game lies in the platforming and intricate level design. The difficulty has been bumped up significantly since the original game. While some people will probably get frustrated and feel like throwing the controller at the TV. That has been alleviated with what’s called “Super Guide”. If the character dies 8 times in a level Luigi takes over and plays through the area for you. It’s a life saver for sure but for those who want to get the hard-earned victory and coins will want to manually play through the game. The game requires fast thinking and quick reflexes. Of course, no game would be complete without boss battles including Iggy, Ludwig, Bowser Jr., and Bowser to name a few. Each boss has his own special ability and is really fun.

The game can be played either with the Wii Remote held horizontally or in conjunction with the nunchuck serving as the player movement. Personally I prefer the Wii Remote held horizontally. I just wished there was support for the Classic Controller. You have your usual Mario items, as well as the Mini Mushroom, the Propeller Mushroom, which allows players to fly. You have the Ice Flower which allow players to freeze enemies with ice balls. There is the Penguin Suit which, on top of the Ice Flower’s ability, allows players to slide along the ground and across water as well as have better control on ice and in water.There is also the ability to ride on Yoshis, who appear in certain levels and can swallow enemies and flutter in the air. Once a level is completed you can’t ride Yoshi anymore so it’s a shame that he isn’t accessible more frequently.

It’s more challenging even in the early stages, but eventually more rewarding. It may not be as sharp-looking as Super Marion Galaxy 2 but the game still looks nice. The levels are colorful and have personality. The character models look good. When all is said and done New Super Mario Bros. Wii is a great game for casual and hardcore gamers alike.