The Last Story to Feature Online Multiplayer

In perhaps a move fore-saw by no one, Shonen Jump magazine reveals that Mistwalker studio’s upcoming Wii Epic is set to feature online multiplayer features.

For fans of Co-op, up to 6 players can group together to take on powerful boss monsters, bringing to mind an image of Capcom’s recent monster online title (pardon the pun, etc) – Monster Hunter Tri.

For those who prefers to just to duke it out with their friends and give them a good smack, there is also a competitive mode featuring free for all fights, in which players can use their favourite characters.

Both modes will be accessible by using the game’s ‘Raid Lobby’.

This news of re-playability for an already massive looking title is surely superb news to Wii gamers, which admittedly makes the wait for a localization release date an even bigger kick in the teeth.

‘The Last Story’ is the first title directed by Hironobu Sakaguchi (the father of the Final fantasy series) since Final fantasy V for the SNES. Since then, while he has been heavily associated with other projects such as 360’s ‘Blue Dragon’ and ‘Lost Odyssey’, he’s not been in a director seat in 18 years.

The Last Story is set to be released in Japan on January 27.