Splatterhouse Review

Splatterhouse is a game about you trying to rescue your girlfriend from the clutches of Dr. West.  It does not stop there though, you’re wearing an ancient Mayan mask which is possessed m by a demon and gives you special powers to rip people in half. This game has gore, gore and metal. How does it pull it off?  Continue reading to find out.


The gameplay of Splatterhouse is similar to that of Dante’s Inferno. It’s just hack 5000 bad guys into tiny bits until you reach the final boss with a few other boss battles along the way to slow you down. This does get repetitive at times but it does do some nice things that make it feel fresh at moments. Such as, it will switch to a sidescroller to harken back to the games old school roots. Although, it is pretty much still just ripping bad guys in half to some good old-fashioned metal. It has its gore down pat.

Another great thing is the banter from the main character and the mask. One great example of which is when you pop out into a new area and the main character asks, “Where are we?” and the mask replies “We are descending straight into hell.”  Then pauses for a moment and says “Ohhhh….scared myself there for a second.”

A huge con for the game though is it is short. I beat the game in one sitting good sitting which was about 10-12 hours.  I guess they hope to keep you playing with the survival arena and another play though the story on hard but with so many other titles out there it’s doubtful. The difficulty also is crazy weird and even on medium it spikes and wanes. It never keeps a consistent flow to keep the player going though at a steady pace. I found myself breezing through one moment and being destroyed seconds later.  Thankfully the game usually checkpoints you when this is about to happen and you won’t have to go far to reach where you died.

(7.5 /10)


The game is gorgeous and I put an emphasis on gore. The way you can rip enemies in half and see their entrails and bones is great. The animation and attention to detail is great. The way you can rip your foes limbs off and use them as weapons to just goes to show how detail oriented this game is.

(8 /10)


The story was very cliché and I predicted the ending from a line I heard in the trailer when the mask says, “Your mine Ricky until Jennifer is back in your arms.” The main scoop on the story basically is though that you play as Rick and you accompany your girlfriend Jennifer on a trip to a creepy mansion where she is invited one night. There you meet Dr. West and he kills you, takes Jen, and the mask bonds with you and the game begins.  The story seems like it came 2nd to the gore which is fine with me but I do like to know why I am killing things. There was a decent twist at the end and a major let down.

(7 /10)


This game had a lot of potential to be great. It isn’t bad it’s just mediocre. It’s short, cliché, frustrating at some points but has good gameplay at times and great dialogue between the main characters. I would rent this one folks; it’s defiantly worth checking out.

(7.5/ 10)

  • Daniel Tay

    “Mediocre”? You do know that 5 is average and not 7.5?

  • Ethan182

    to me, 5 and below is bad 6-7.5 is medicore and 8 and up is good.