Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom Preview

Companionship is something that is rarely used in video games besides some references to love and sacrifice. But the times where two people come together to serve a common purpose is a special occasion if done correctly, and if this demo is any indication it will be.

The beginning of the demo places Tepeu, the person you control, and Majin, the beast that plays as your companion, together and shows off your combined prowess. Tepeu is able to use a one hit stealth kill attack, and moves around the battlefield swiftly. While Majin gives funny anecdotes as he smashes your enemies away. After enough successful attacks by Majin, Tepeu can do a combo attack by jumping off Majin’s back and slamming the ground with tremendous force.

After some tutorials about feeding Majin to restore his health, You are told that Majin can heal Tepeu while not in battle. The beginning fights are relatively easy, but it gets harder when you’re split from Majin. The enemies are split into three types. Some are fast and are vulnerable to lunge attacks, Others have shields and that’s where Tepeu’s speed comes in, and there are little lizard type enemies that play a more serious role once Majin comes back into your party. Those enemies jump on Majin’s back and need to be stuck off in order for him to continue fighting.

All of what you learn comes together and forces the player to adapt to each fighting style. The demo is successful at giving you just enough depth while making you want to see more at the game’s end. And that is why I recommend this for any gamer, and I can’t wait for the release date on November 23.