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As we all know the online movie rental service, Netflix took renting movies to another level. This service allowed members to rent as many movies as they want with a max limit of 3 at a time for $16.99 a month. The lowest plan Netflix offers is 1 movie at a time for $7.99. However, we’re not here to talk about Netflix, but instead talk about the Netflix equivalent, Gamefly. So if you’re not sure if Gamefly may be right for you or if you are still debating to open a Gamefly account we hope this review will help you in your decision making.

Gamefly, like Netflix allows members to rent as many games as they want for a set price per month. Gamefly allows members to check out up from 1 game at a time to 4 games at a time. Once members are done with the game they can send it back and Gamefly will ship a new game on there GameQ list.

Prices vary depending on which plan you choose and each price is reasonable for their plan and not outrageous by any means. The lowest price Gamefly offers is 1 game at time for $15.95 a month, the $7.95 price that has been advertised lately is for the first month only and after the first month it becomes $15.95. The most expensive, the 4 games at a time will run member $36.95 a month. As stated earlier these prices are not outrageous and with the price of games being about $60 retail and even used depending on age can be anywhere from $5 to $55. Not to mention the shipping is also generally quick and takes anywhere from 2-4 days. Also if Gamefly currently doesn’t have the game on the top of the GameQ list they’ll go ahead and just send the next game on your list that is available for shipment.

The main way to pay for your membership is by credit card. But there is another way to partly pay for your membership. Players can send games from their very own collection they no longer want to Gamefly and they cut the monthly payment in exchange for the game you sent in. In this case it’s a win/win because players can pay less money for month while Gamefly gets one more game to their warehouse to ship out to other gamers who want to play that game.

Gamefly has a selection from all current generation systems such as Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PSP, and DS as well as systems from the last generation such as Xbox, Gameboy Advance, Xbox, and PS2. Players have the option to rent any title from these systems from new releases to games that have already been released. Gamefly is perfect for gamers who have a tight budget or just don’t want to spend the full $60 on a game that is incredibly short and they know for a fact they will most likely not pick it up again.

If you really like the game and you know for a fact that you really truly want to keep it Gamefly has a option where you can pay a set price for the game and Gamefly will send you the case and the instruction book. This is great for players who want to test out their game before considering purchases.

However Gamefly does have some short comings. For one new release titles can take a long time to reach your home. I’ve had Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock in my GameQ for about a month now and I’m still waiting for it. Which the reason new release generally take this long is due to the fact that Gamefly doesn’t have many supply warehouses to start with and they have just begun expansion on their supply warehouses to meet up with rental demand. Sometimes games will take little over a week to get to you but this is not very often and it may even vary on which warehouse the games are coming from.

So if you have a big list of released games you never got around to, Gamefly is for you. However if you’re looking for new releases you should hold off on becoming a member of Gamefly until they have expanded their supply warehouses to meet the demand.

Gamefly Score

Prices: 9/10

Quickness: 7/10

Services: 9/10

Overall: 8/10

  • Ethan182

    Just a sugguestion for getting new games as I use gamefly as well. Keep games that aren’t released it only in your Q. That way once they release, they are shipped to you. Last 2 games I had out was The Force Unleashed 2 and Fallout: New Vegas. My next one up is CoD: Black ops