Epic Mickey to have suitably epic soundtrack

Warren Spector’s Epic Mickey is set to hit our shelves in a couple of weeks, and according to a new video posted on the title’s Youtube Channel, gamers can expect an impressive musical score.

The soundtrack was composed by Jim Dooley, whose previous composing credits include soundtracks for the Simpsons Movie and the Pirates of the Caribbean.

In the video, Spector recalls that he auditioned dozens upon dozens of composers asking them what is the ‘Disney sound’, and that Dooley “Immediately got what I was trying to get at, he was able to describe that Disney style in ways that I almost understood, and he was able to encapture it.”

Amazingly, the soundtrack has already been nominated for the ‘Best Original Score – Video Game’ category in the Hollywood Music in Media Awards.

Junction Point’s audio director, Matt Piersall compliments Dooley by saying that: “[He] did an incredible job of bringing in the concepts of classic Disney, but making the tone slightly off-center”

Warren also further compliments the soundtrack, commenting that it is by far the best music he has ever had in a game, and boldly adding that “there’s stuff in here that will bring you tears.”

‘Epic Mickey’ was developed by Junction Point Studios in collaborations with Disney and Pixar, and will be released in the UK on the 26th of November and in the US on the 30th for the Nintendo Wii.