Call of Duty: Black Ops Review

Call of Duty: Black OpsCall of Duty: Black Ops tries very hard to live up to its big brothers at Infinity Ward and their Modern Warfare outings and they do so wonderfully. New mechanics, Epic story, Great multiplayer and get the full rundown below.

What’s different?

The core mechanics from every past Call of Duty game remain present. Sprint, Aim down your sights, customizable weapons and loadouts. Although, Treyarch has done their best outing with the Call of Duty franchise yet. They added new features such as buying your guns, theater mode, wager matches and much more. In the end, it all comes together to feel like a very well put together game.

Controls are solid and everything you would expect them to be from your past outings with the franchise.  The game has a good deal of balance to it, although; I did feel the shotguns were a little underpowered. Treyarch has added lots of new things to this game though. Such as, wager matches which are you put your CoD points on the line against other players to get more points to buy guns. This is very creative and I have never seen another concept like this in a shooter before.  Another addition is theater mode, and; yes, it is what it sounds like. It functions much like Halo’s theater mode and allows you to go back, save clips and even upload them to a file share (or in Black Ops case a player card). That’s another thing that has been updated as well. Instead of a set number of logos, titles, and such like modern warfare 2 had. Treyarch has given us a customization tool that will even make our title and logos appear on our guns.  There are just so many additions to this game since Treyarchs last outing (World at War) and since Call of Duty’s last appearance (Modern Warfare 2)



The game still runs the same CoD4 engine and things still look bland. I don’t know why though but it seems like Modern Warfare 2 looked better than Black Ops does some of the texturing and modeling seems outdated.



The story is very creative and strange. It is mostly told though flashbacks as you are being interrogated by an unknown force. I won’t spoil anything, promise. The single player’s difficulty ranges from Easy to Veteran. Veteran is still just as difficult as it was in Modern Warfare 2 and will provide just as much of a challenge but it seems that the difficulty spikes and wanes at certain points in the story. That means you can go from being bored one minute, to mad about playing one part over and over from lack of checkpoints the next.

(9.5 /10)


The Multiplayer seems a tad bit sluggish depending on who you get as a host. The spawning system also seems like it was tampered with by Treyarch for the worse. I did not really notice spawn points changing too often and this can lead to spawn camping and your spawn being overrun.  The weapons do seem fairly balanced as I stated earlier but you will be made angry just because of how often and quickly you will die online. I’d advise a warm up in the Combat Simulator beforehand which pits you against bots and names them after people on your friends list. That’s also something I’ve never seen done before, nice job Treyarch.

(10/ 10)


I’d have to say this is the only Treyarch Call of Duty game that has been amazing. It looks like after the breakup of Infinity Ward, Treyarch buckled down and took the reins from big brother.  All of their new additions, balancing and creativity has really done this game a world of good. Although, they did understand that some familiar things need to just be left alone.


  • Nick

    It runs on the WaW engine, not the COD4 engine. Which is why it looks worse than MW2.

    • Ethan182

      Nope, both World at War and Black Ops run off of an upgraded CoD4 engine (aka the MW2 engine) Which is why u notice the engine change from Treyarch’s CoD3 which used the (CoD2 engine) to World at War. This is because they were given access to the CoD4 engine. Don’t believe me, google it.

    • ethan182

      Check your sources before calling my errors.