Box Art revealed for Super Mario All Stars 25th Anniversary Edition

Take a long hard look at that – doesn’t it look special? Classy? Maybe a bit prestigious?

Inside that lovely box contains a copy of Super Mario All Star, a soundtrack CD and a booklet titled history of Mario, presumably filled with knowledgable trivia and concept art.

Super Mario All Star was originally released on the SNES, and contains Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros 2, Super Mario bros 3 and Lost Levels all updated with SNES level graphics and sound.

All this is set to retail in the UK for an RRP of £19.99…………. no, that wasn’t a typo.

They may be old games but they definitely still remain timeless to this day, and for £19.99 including a CD and Book, not to mention the nice looking box, you could argue that it’s a steal.

It is set to release in Europe on the 3rd of December, and in America on the 12th. For those who have never experienced these classics, or just looking for a nostalgia filled retro kick, this package may well be the gem you’re looking for this christmas.