Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare Review

The holiday of monsters, ghosts, ghouls, and goblins will be upon us haunting the neighborhood streets wanting candy to appease their monstrous sweet tooth’s. Well it seems that we are not the only ones that will be facing scary monsters. John Marston from Red Dead Redemption will have his fair share of fighting zombies in the Wild West in the latest DLC expansion for Red Dead Redemption called Undead Nightmare.

Lately zombie apocalypse games such as Dead Rising and Left 4 Dead have been huge hits for zombie survival enthusiast everywhere. What better way to test their survival skills than changing the setting from a modern theme to an old Wild West setting.

This newest DLC for RDR takes place after John Marston has defeated the members of his old gang and is trying to make a new living with his family. One night as John Marston is coming home from running errands for his new ranch he senses that something is very wrong. Later that evening upon his return Uncle attacks his wife turning her into a flesh eating zombie who later turns Jack into one. John must now ride out into the Wild West again to find a cure for this zombie plague or everyone in the territories of New Austin, West Elizabeth, and Mexico will become flesh-eating zombies.

The gameplay is still pretty much the same with a few changes. Players will still have free roam of the area completing all kinds of missions and side missions as well as random encounters. Rockstar has gone out of their way to truly give the old west zombie apocalypse feel making ammo hard to come by and towns completely ransacked.  Players will have to conserve ammo to survive this outbreak for there are no shops to sell you ammo. The only way to get ammo is by saving towns from zombies, cleansing graveyards, and looting dead zombies.

Zombies are not to be underestimated for they do prove to be a challenge to take down if you’re just shooting them in the chest. They also come in different classes as well as large numbers so players must exercise extreme caution when fighting zombies. Remember any good zombie hunter knows to always aim for the head.

In order to save your game players must clear a town that is infested with zombies and make it safe. Once these towns are safe players can explore the town with little to no danger to either save their game, talk to survivors, find ammo, or fast travel to other safe towns. However, these towns will not stay safe forever and will eventually be attacked by zombies again so if players want to keep that area they must periodically return to that town and save it from the next zombie attack to gain more ammo and have a place to take a breather.

Players will also have some new toys in their disposal such as a torch to burn zombies and to cleanse graveyards, as well having a new horse breed, the zombie horse.  Players will also have the opportunity to hunt new animals (and previous animals in zombie form) as well as mythical creatures.

Aside from the new single player campaign, Undead Nightmare also brings in two new multiplayer modes. Undead Overrun has you and your friends fighting hordes of zombies until they kill you. The other multiplayer mode is Land Grab; this has players trying to secure seven different areas on the map.

Rockstar has once again proven what DLC should be. Undead Nightmare’s single campaign is about 6 hours long and if you add the side missions to it makes it a grand total of nearly 15 hours.  For only a measly $10 this is a really great deal and is definitely a must buy especially for what you get in this package for $10. Plus killing zombies never gets old and it’s nice to have a change of setting from the modern days to the days of cowboys, Indians, and outlaws. If you have RDR what are you waiting for download Undead Nightmare now and wrangle up them zombies.

Overall: 10/10