Nintendo 3DS: Good idea or gimmick?

Nintendo releasing yet another DS? How many will that be now Nintendo DS, DS Lite, DSi, DSi XL and the new member of the family 3DS. It looked promising at E3, the fact you play in 3D without use of any glasses. But Nintendo need to step up their game, look at the Wii, We have consoles that support full 1080p and the Wii supports 480p MAXIMUM. The Wii has become a board game, you only get it out when friends come around, but enough about the Wii. Nintendo and some 3rd party developers have released some gameplay footage of the games for the 3DS and to be perfectly honest the graphics look pretty neat.

The console itself is around the same size of a DSi XL it has One inner camera and two outer cameras (the two cameras mean you can take pictures in 3D) 0.3 Megapixel. The top screen is 3.53 Inches and supports Widescreen with a maxium resolution of 800 x 240. The touch screen is 3-inch and has a maxium resolution of 320 x 240 and the touch screen doesn’t support 3D.  It has the standard buttons A/B/X/Y a D-Pad, 3D depth slider, with the new 360 degree analog input. It also has a built-in Motion sensor and gyro sensor.

Enough about the Hardware, now to the software, it is unknown at this time what software/OS the 3DS has built on it but we know the game cartridges can hold up to 2GB which doesn’t allow amazing textures, but textures and models better than the DS. But will this console be a success? More than likely due to hardware sales of the entire DS family and the fact that 3D is really popular with the new 3D televisions and Sky 3D, Nintendo have placed their finger in the right pie, but is the pie cold? Well with more news everyone is waiting, to see it in full action and get a hands on.