Netflix on PS3 going Disc-free next week with streaming 1080p and 5.1 Surround Sound

Netflix on PS3

As promised, streaming Netflix content on your Playstation 3 console will no longer require a disc to be inserted into the system. The new Netflix application will be available for download on Monday, October 18th, leaving the Nintendo Wii as the only console remaining to require a disc to access Netflix “Instant Watch” content.

In addition to becoming disc-less, the new application is being said to include various improvements:

In addition to eliminating the disc, there is a new user interface that brings a much richer and faster browsing experience, content search directly on the device, and dramatic improvements in how fast playback starts.

Also of note is that the new application will allow for streaming of certain content not only at a resolution of 1080p, but also with 5.1 surround sound, making the PS3 the first device to support this feature from Netflix.