Medal of Honor drops Taliban from multiplayer

Medal of HonorAfter facing so many comments and from friends and families of fallen soldiers, EA has finally decided to drop the option to play as the Taliban from multiplayer. Now why a last-minute change when the game is due out in a matter of days? Well the game has already been banned to be sold at military bases as well as overseas military bases. Also many military officials and widows of soldiers killed in Afghanistan stating that the game is disrespecting the soldiers that have served in the war and died in the war.

However, EA defended these claims stating that it paid homage to the soldiers fighting abroad and stating that time and time again they would not take out the Taliban because of the setting of the game.

But after still being under fire on the subject EA then made the last-minute decision to change the Taliban to the “Opposing Force.” EA has also stated that this name change will not hurt the gameplay in any way but instead pay respects for those that made the ultimate sacrifice.

In other words, you’re still fighting the Taliban and you’ll still play as the Taliban in multiplayer, you just won’t actually hear the name Taliban being screamed out in the game or anything. So now I ask you the readers, what is your opinion of the name change? Do you think this was a good call or do you think EA just gave into pressure?