Genuine WTF Moment: A Michael Jackson MMO?

Planet Michael

Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. Planet Michael is an in-development massively multiplayer on-line “virtual world” inspired by Michael Jackson. It’s unclear exactly what the scope of the game will be, but the website‘s FAQ mentions that “Music, dancing, quests, healing and caring for animals are only the very first ideas to be considered.”


It also mentions “Any participant has the potential to earn money while playing in this game system,” suggesting that Planet Michael may employ a Second Life-esque micro transaction system. Thankfully, there seems to be a recurring “charity” theme in the discussion, so perhaps we can expect some of this money to be put to good use. is predicting this game to be “the biggest MMO ever” and “bigger than World of Warcraft.” Anyone who knows right from left won’t be holding their breath for this one to top any NPD reports, but we are to expect this title to arrive sometime in 2011.