DC Universe Online delayed until 2011

DC Universe Online is being delayed until spring of 2011. The reason for the delay is to address issues and to allow more time to make the game more polished and ready for the wide release of thousands of players logging on to fight alongside their favorite heroes and villains.They will also use this time to address community feedback.

Something tells me this delay is to make way for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm which just received a December 7th release date. Which for an upcoming MMO going up against a hardened veteran with nearly 12 million players this is a wise move marketing wise and time wise.

Now for those that have pre-ordered DC Universe Online will gain access to the “External Beta” which will come online on November 30th. If you don’t have the game pre-ordered yet and want to take part in the “External Beta” you have until November 15th to pre-order the game and get your beta invitation. For those that pre-order and miss the November 15th deadline, they will get access to the game a week before launch.