How to spot a Hologram on Halo: Reach

The weekend is here and I’m sure a few of you out there are about to spend another weekend playing some Halo: Reach. Now with the armor abilities that are new to the multiplayer experience this gives matchmaking a new twist as well as rethinking how battles are going to go. One of these armor abilities is the hologram, and although they do prove useful for scouting and distractions, there are ways to tell the difference between an actual player and a hologram. So today we’re going to provide you some tips on how to spot a hologram before you empty half a clip on them and get ambushed.

Tip 1: Behavior

Holograms only move in a straight line and nothing more. If there projected path leads them to a wall holograms will tend to try to walk through a wall or sometimes just stop at the wall. So if you’re unsure if it’s a real player or just a hologram get to a hiding spot where you could possibly ambush them and just watch if they walk into a wall or stay completely straight.

Tip 2: Motion Sensor

The motion sensor is going to be your best friend when it comes to fighting against holograms. As you know on the motion sensor your allies appear yellow and enemies appear red. Holograms on the other hand appear white on the motion sensor, so if you’re unsure if the person charging at you is real or not just quickly crouch and hide somewhere and check your sensor.

Tip 3: No Motion Sensor

There are a few game type variants that won’t allow use of a motion sensor. So how do you spot a hologram without the help of a motion sensor. Well yeah there is tip 1 but there is also your reticule. Just point the reticule at the suspected hologram. If the reticule doesn’t change color, it’s a hologram. If it changes to red and depending on your position, either open fire or get ready to ambush.

Tip 4: One burst weapons

Now I know during the heat of battle you’re not going to think and take the time to check if it’s a hologram or not, which is why any single shot burst weapon are going to be your best friend when facing a hologram. To not waste so much ammo on your Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle, or even a Rocket Launcher at that matter, stick to single burst weapons. If a hologram comes up and you open a couple shots, you’ll only waste on bullet at a time and not half a clip. With these you’ll still have plenty of shots left to take on the hologram user that’s either about to ambush you or have an ambush party ready.

Follow these 4 tips and you’ll save bullets that will matter as well saving your own life and making the hologram user reveal his position. Have fun on matchmaking and maybe we’ll see you on.