Playstation Portable 2 in the works

Sony is in the works of their next-gen handheld system to match the Nintendo’s 3DS, the Playstation Portable 2. Right now a prototype version has been created and Sony is already handing out units to game developers.

As of now an estimated release is sometime in 2011, and Sony has already been going through a rough slump in the gaming market. The PSP already had a pretty good engine with PS2 graphics in the palm of your hand. Imagine if Sony had it to where PS3 graphics are now in the palm of your hand. That would be one powerful engine, which also means it’s going to drain the battery quickly, which was one of the PSP’s flaws.

Now all that is left to do is to wait for a release date and a list of launch titles. However, will the PSP2 be able to compete with the Nintendo 3DS? That’s for the players and the fans to decide when these two go head to head in the next generation of handhelds.