Mass Effect 2 'Overlord' DLC Review

Oh I hear thee of little faith, more Mass Effect 2 DLC.

Until this offering, the Mass Effect 2 DLC has been a little on the weak side, with Kasumi’s Stolen Memory being nothing more than a simple loyalty mission. Operation Overlord changes this by adding a new in-depth and intense mission that will leave you wanting more.

The story follows that of a Rogue VI Breakout on a Cerberus controlled research facility. That said, there is a big final decision you have to make on how the story will turn out, but as with all Mass Effect greats, its while you’re IN that epic yarn that you feel most at home, the combat is intense, the dialogue is stellar and the environments are just simply gorgeous, there are beautiful vistas that stretch for miles which you simply have to stop and look at. As well as this there is a fantastically eery sequence when you are thrust into a computer type world and you have to fight your way out.

To sum it up, Overlord is a fantastic offering that gives both an intense mission structure as well as a gripping story line. At 560 Microsoft Points this is definitely a worthwhile purchase if you are waiting to get back into the world of Mass Effect 2.