How to get credits in Halo: Reach

Halo: ReachSo you’ve played through the campaign of Halo: Reach and you’re playing with your buddies online staying up till almost 5 in the morning. You’ve also noticed that there is a credit system to buy armor pieces to customize your Noble 6.

Now let’s say you have your eye on a piece of armor and you meet the rank requirements but don’t have the credits. Here are some quick tips to gain some big credits.

Tip 1: Campaign

You get credits by clearing levels on the campaign, and depending on the difficulty setting, you get more credits. Going through Heroic from start to finish and without buying any armor pieces in the middle, you can get close to little over 10k of credits just by completing the campaign alone. Again this is on the Heroic setting and how many credits you get from clearing campaign levels depending on difficulty will vary.

Tip 2: Firefight

This tip applies to Matchmaking Firefight, I haven’t actually tried a custom Firefight yet but I will update it when I have the details on custom Firefight. When you go through Firefight on matchmaking you go through only one wave and that’s it. Depending on your performance as well as your teammates performance, you can get anywhere between 500-800 credits.

Tip 3: Daily and Weekly Challenges

Daily challenges have a new challenge every day. Depending on the difficulty of the challenge will depend on the credit payout. If a daily challenge is easy you can get anywhere between 150 to 300 credits. If it’s a difficult challenge that might require more than 3 matches this payout can range from 300 to 1,000 credits. These also add to the credits you get alone from your match meaning some a very big credit payout. These challenges can range out between campaign, matchmaking, and firefight.

Weekly challenges require a sitting or two to complete, but if you complete them the payout is pretty big. Completing these challenges will give you a payout of 1,500 credits.

Tip 4: Slot Machine

The slot machine seems to be a randomized set that will go off after every match you complete. Slot machines can go from 60 credits to 777 credits. As to how rare getting the 777 credit payout is I can’t really say for sure because Reach has only been out for a week.  However I did get the 777 credit payout 4 days after release and I have read a few stories on people getting it at least twice so far. Until more is learned on how the slot machine works, I’m going to go with that it’s randomly generated and just hope you get lucky.

Tip 5: Performance and Participation

This is probably a really simple tip. You can get some good credits by how well you perform in the match. If you have more kills and fewer deaths you can get at least over 200 credits just with your K/D spread alone. If you win a match you get not only a completion bonus, but a winning bonus as well and this can get as high as almost 200 credits. Also if you at least stick it out till the end your guaranteed credits either way and 60 credits can go a long way from getting that chest piece you might have your eye on. Remember if you quit matches you get no credit pay meaning you also won’t be able to level up in the ranks. However, this also varies what kind of medals you get during the match also.

Tip 6: Time you spend in a match

This is probably the bulk of how you get your credits in matchmaking, how much time you spend in your matches. If matches end very quickly, credit payouts won’t be so much it can range anywhere between 60 credits to little over 100 credits.

Luckily this about how to make the big bucks and how much time you spend in a match can give a good payout. If you end a match with only a few minutes left on the clock you can get anywhere from 150 to 280 credits. That’s not all if time runs out in a match and depending on the game type you can get anywhere between 362 credits to little over 400 credits.

And perhaps the most simplest tip of all

Tip 7: Don’t quit

I know I mentioned this already in tip 5 but quitting comes with consequences this time around. Not only will you not get credits, but if you keep constantly quitting matches Bungie will put you on probation not allowing you to play matchmaking for a set amount of time. If you’re cut from matchmaking, you are cut from getting credits and will have to rely on Tip 1 until you’re off probation.

Follow these 7 tips and just watch the credits pile as well going up in the ranks. If you have any more tips feel free to comment below.

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  • James Meeks

    Addition to tip 2: To get a lot of credits I recommend Firefight matchmaking under the Competitive section and choosing the Gruntpocalypse game. You will get ALOT of credits for this and can rank up pretty fast. You can get anywhere from 800 to over 2000 credits.

  • IDKname

    um about the slot thing jackpot yeah i got 999 once I’M NOT FREKING KIDDING So i’m just saying it goes higher than 777 iv also got 806 and stuff

  • JRICK2

    i got 3000 credits once or twice from the slot machine then again, the game has been out for months now

  • IDKname

    btw when i got 806 i was typing and playing