Halo: Reach Review

Halo: ReachWhat’s different?
Halo: Reach is more or less more of the same point and shoot game mechanics, right? Well yes and no. The story feels more refined from the previous games. The characters in this game actually feel more alive and actually have personalities. The game’s engine feels more updated as well since Halo: ODST and very much so since Halo: 3. Along with the addition of new weapons and updates to the forge and firefight modes this makes for one fine farewell to Bungie.

While the game retains its basic first person shooter mechanics of point and shoot the enemy. It does so in somewhat of a refined manner from its predecessors. The weapons feel more balanced and with the addition of the armor abilities all it does is help. The campaign’s difficulty is scaled to fit a variety of skill levels from the new to the experienced.
Also, co-op with your friends is great. Whether playing firefight, campaign, or matchmaking, you can’t go wrong. It’s all a blast.

The graphics have improved since ODST and honestly surprised me. This is the best looking Halo game, period. Playing this game on two separate televisions, both HD, the graphics were crisp and textures were amazingly well done. Some minor annoyances come to mind such as recycled character models from Halo: 3. Although, I understand this was to save time and get us this game faster.

Personally my favorite part of the Halo series. The game starts off on the doomed planet Reach and you control the customizable Noble 6. I will not spoil the story; I will say the story is amazing even though we do know the ending. My only complaint is being brought out of the story experience and back into the lobby to load the next chapter and then having to press start when it has loaded. This could have been fixed with a simple loading screen.

With this section being the series strong suit and something I’ve played since the first game on PC, I would say this is the game that feels closest to the original. The weapons, as I stated earlier feel very balanced and nothing that I noticed felt overpowered. The only cons are that black armor has still not made a return, this may not be a big deal to a lot of people but some people may want to know. Also, with this game just being released it’s certainly not going to be boasting as many maps as Halo: 3 did. While it does sort of balance this out with the new additions, in the long run it can become a problem.

Value for Money
With the tools such as forge, all the customizability, multiplayer, campaign, and user-created maps this game will defiantly provide hours of entertainment. Although, with things down the road such as DLC maps and a more than likely later released version containing all those said maps, if you don’t mind purchasing DLC by this game. If you can’t buy DLC or just will not buy it, wait for a version with all the extra maps to be added later by Bungie.

Halo: Reach is one of the most hyped games of the year and it does live up to it. It will not disappoint you like Halo: 3 did, with the fine story and new weapons not to mention updates to the engine, forge and firefight. The multiplayer is fun with the new armor abilities bringing a bit more balance to the game but with only a few minor annoyances the game is worth picking up for sure.