Dead Rising 2 Review

Dead Rising 2 is the sequel to the popular Xbox 360 exclusive, Dead Rising. The question is though; does it stack up to the original? Well, yes and no. I’ll tell you in this complete review.

What’s different?
Dead Rising 2 has a few additions as well as some subtractions from the last game. The save system has been revamped but it still feels a bit broken without the use of checkpoints. Online co-op has been added in so that you can play with a buddy online. The combination weapon system has been added as well but at the cost of the camera. The game is still timed, which was largely irritating about the original Dead Rising, although it does feel like 72 hours are longer this go around.

The gameplay remains largely unchanged from the original. The concept of, “Bash hordes of zombies with whatever you can grab.” Don’t worry, it’s still there. Although, like I mentioned above there’s been some additions. Like co-op, although the only problem with the co-op play is the difficulty does not scale to match there being two players in the game. Thus, the game becomes twice as easy. The save system remains broken with a total of 9 save points scattered throughout Fortune City. The combination system adds a lot to the game of building your own weapon and heading off to destroy the zombie horde with it. One of my biggest annoyances is the fact you have to give your emotional attachment, uh I ment daughter. An injection of zombrex every 24 hours and if you don’t she dies. This is an annoyance because you have to trek all the way back to the safe house and give it to her and then back out to continue the story. Aside from this most of my complaints are minor such as how much you get mauled by zombies in this game, it happens every five minutes.


The graphics are nothing special. They are pretty though for an open world game and a lot of detail has gone into this game.

You have to uncover a conspiracy and get out alive. It feels like the first game’s story just in a different setting with a different protagonist.


While the game remains largely unchanged from the first, I’d like to see some added DLC to beef this game up and make it what it should have been. This game really needed another 6 months in development, at the moment it just lacks the polish I’ve seen in other games lately.

(8 /10)