Dead Rising 2: Case Zero Review

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero is part demo and part prequel. If you played the original Dead Rising you remember the game was broken up into cases, beginning at case one. Well, Dead Rising 2 will begin the same but case zero is not only a demo but a fully fledged arcade game and a prequel to Dead Rising 2 at the same time.

What’s different?

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero implements DR2’s combo weapon system. You can take, for example, a bat and a box of nails and combine them for a spiked bat. We have a new main protagonist named Chuck Greene.  The reworked engine enables more zombies to be on-screen at once.  The main question is though, how does it play? Well I’ll give you the rundown in this review.



Dead Rising 2: Case Zero implements the new combo weapon system and this is a blast. It shows some very creative ways to kill zombies. Most notably, the drill bucket, which is a bucket with attached power drills that you place on a zombies head and watch their heads explode. There are just crowds of zombies to roam around and kill, or at least this would be the case if the timed missions similar to those of the original Dead Rising didn’t make a return.  The save system has been reworked and has made the game easier to play. The insane over the top bosses make a return and are just as crazy as the first game.  The controls feel very tight and well thought out. They do take some getting used to though as they do feel like eastern controls.  So they won’t come as natural to you as say, Call of Duty’s controls.



I did not notice much of an improvement over Dead Rising and it was very disappointing. While it did not stop the game from being fun, it was very sad that Capcom did not improve much for case zero over Dead Rising. While this may not be reflective of Dead Rising 2, if they hope to show this as a demo, I do not take this as a good sign for these are only average graphics for this generation.



The story is only average in my opinion. Your daughter has been bitten and you have to give her the anti-zombie drug “Zombrex” every twelve hours. So, she feels more of a burden than an emotional attachment. While you do feel a minor attachment you will feel slightly annoyed by her.

Value for Money


For only 400MSP ($4.99) for a sneak peek at Dead Rising 2 and everything you earn carries over? I think it is worth it. The game is about 4-5 hours long and requires multiple playtroughs’ to reach the game’s level cap of five.



While extremely valuable for 400MSP there are a few things I feel Capcom needs to change to merit a perfect score. Now, the game gets a solid 8.75 out of 10.