Battlefield Bad Company 2 Onslaught Mode DLC

For all you Battlefield fans waiting to get your hands on the next Bad Company 2 DLC, your wait is almost over. As most of you know Battllefield developers EA DICE announced last week that Bad Company 2 will be getting an online co-op campaign; known as Onslaught Mode.

Unlike Modern Warfare 2’s Special Ops mode, you can have four people playing in one mission. Letting you have a complete squad and giving you a great time to hang with friends. Also unlike Modern Warfare 2’s campaign you will be playing in multiplayer maps that have been redesigned.

But for the PC gamers, things are not looking quite as bright. EA DICE mentioned (the day after the announcement of the new add-on) that Onslaught mode may not be released on the PC due to problems with the servers. They followed up this statement by saying that the Onslaught mode may interfere with other servers that are hosting other game modes. Hopefully this isn’t the case.

Finally a video was released today by the head developers of EA DICE, giving you a quick three-minute look of what you can expect from the new DLC.

There is no exact date to when Battlefield Bad Company 2’s Onslaught Mode DLC will be available, but it’s mostly likely to hit the market this june right around the launch of the second Modern Warfare 2 DLC.