Battlefield Bad Company 2 VIP Map Pack 3 Announced

A new VIP map pack has been revealed today for Battlefield Bad Company 2. The map pack will be featuring two new maps, Laguna Alta will get squad rush and Nelson Bay will get squad deathmatch. No word has been said by DICE  if any of the future Map Packs will include more Squad Rush and Conquest modes, but knowing them, they’ll give the players what they want.

In other news, if you have played Battlefield Bad Company 2 today, then you have probably notice the optional camos you can now put on some of you guns. DICE has applied these camos to most of the guns, and you can download them in the Bad Company 2 online store.

More information is soon to come about Battlefield Bad Company 2’s DLC and DICE says they have a lot in store for the games future.