Gamer sues GameStop over supposed DLC fraud

James Collins has placed a law suit against GameStop for “fraudulently, unfairly, unlawfully, and deceptively” misleading consumers by making them believe their used games include free DLC mentioned on the game boxes.

The issue started when Collins purchased a copy of Dragon Age: Origins that referenced $15 worth of DLC on the package. Upon finally playing the game, Collins realized that his $54.99 used copy did not include the extra content. When he tried to return the game to GameStop, Collins was told that the seven day trial period had expired.

Collins states he purchased the game in part because of the advertised that additional character and quest content could be downloaded for free upon purchasing the game. Collins discovered weeks later that he would have to pay an additional $15 to access the downloadable content.

From the lawsuit:

GameStop’s deceptive practices are compunded by the fact that consumers have only seven days to return a used videogame. Many consumers do not realize they do not have access to all of the advertised content until after the time to return the game has expired. GameStop, who makes more than 20% of its revenue and nearly $2 billion from the sale of used video games, is aware of this issue, and continues to fail to alert customers that this content is not available on used games… As a result of GameStop’s concealment, Plaintiff ultimately paid $10 more to purchase a used game than he would have had he purchased a brand new copy of the exact same game.

While he will most likely not  win the lawsuit, expect more lawsuits like this one as more game publishers start to offer new game incentives.