Activision mentions subscription-based Call of Duty again

After confirming that the series will stay on an annual release schedule, Activision  indicated that the Call of Duty franchise is headed towards a subscription-based model.

“Our strategy continues to be to annualize our key franchises. We’ve indicated before that Call of Duty is on a two year development cycle given the content and work that needs to go into a high-quality game experience,” Activision CEO Mike Griffith said during the company’s financial reports call today. “We also have new business models potentially for the franchise in the future and we’ve been building capabilities on both the business development side as well as the studio side of it.”

“If you think about the success that we’ve had in other product categories on subscription, you can get a sense of the direction that we want to take that franchise.”

I’m guessing the next IW made Call of duty game will be a subscription based game.