Naughty Dog not interested in Uncharted motion control

With Sony launching their new PlayStation 3 motion controls this year, they’ll probably want to use a few of their bigger franchises to make the peripheral more appealing to the consumer. One game that will not be joining that line-up however is Uncharted 3.

“We really don’t have any interest in using the motion control to do a third-person action game,” says Naughty Dog boss Evan Wells. “If we were going to make a motion controller game, we’d want to tackle it from the bottom up and make sure that we were designing the game around the motion control, the way the best Wii games are designed.

“I’m not a Wii hater at all, in fact, it’s probably one of my most played consoles in the house. I have a 3-year-old son which might account for some of that, but Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort are some of the best experiences of this generation, honestly …  I think the PlayStation audience is totally for it. In fact, I bet you there are lot of closet Wii owners in the PlayStation community.”