Naughty Dog: “PS3 feels like bottomless pit of processing power”

Naughty Dog’s Evan Wells is hoping the PS3 will remain Sony’s main HD platform for another 5-6 years. In an interview with G4, the co-president said

“We’re getting comfortable with the PS3,” he said. “We’re not itching for new hardware. I would love to keep working on the PlayStation 3 for 5 or 6 more years. I think there’s still a lot to get out of it. We made a very big advancement between the first [Uncharted] and the second game, we’re really tapping into the Cell processor, but there’s more there.

“We’re not really feeling limited by the hardware, it’s more about the hours of the day and how quickly we want to get the next game out.

“It really feels that sometimes it’s this bottomless pit of processing power, you find the right kind of job for it and it can just churn through those things so fast, which really helps with a lot of our rendering and post-processing effects,” he said.