EA should try to buy Take-Two again

Back in 2008, EA attempted to purchase Take-Two Interactive prior to the release of Grand Theft Auto IV. While it seemed like a great idea for EA to acquire such a valuable publisher, the two sides could not reach a common selling price and the deal fell through.

Nearly two years later, Scott Miller of 3D Realms is saying that EA should give it another shot in order to reclaim the position of  top developer.

“I’m actually impressed with some of EA’s recent tries at new IP, such as Dead Space, Army of Two, andMirror’s Edge,” he told Gamesauce. “I hope that the lukewarm sales of these games do not cause them to stop trying to take big swings with new properties. EA really does need to broaden the number of game brands it can rely on—big hitters like a Call of Duty, Gears of War, GTA, and so on. What’s the real shame for them is that they were vigorously pushing for new brands during their recent heyday of soaring stock and untold riches. Like so many other market leaders, they rested on their laurels while Activision—doing its best Avis impersonation (“We’re #2, but we try harder”)—out-EA’ed EA.”

“EA’s only chance, in my opinion, is to acquire Take-Two and add GTA, Max Payne, Duke Nukem, Bioshock, and Civilization to it’s lineup. In fact, they tried acquiring Take-Two already last year. They need to try again.”