New Operation Flashpoint DLC adds 2 new multiplayer modes

The latest DLC for the Brutal game entitled Operation Flashpoint is being released today.

‘Overwatch’ doesn’t just provide more single-player missions it also includes two new multiplayer modes one of wich being Blindside. This mode gives one team objectives to complete as quickly as possible while the other side tries to stop them in their tracks. Supremacy is a king of the kill mode, asking teams to hold important positions with the help of things like gun emplacements and air strikes.

Two new single-player/co-op missions are included. Friendly Skies has you destroying enemy artillery, then defending yourself from a counter attack. The second level, Hostile Takeover, is a full-on offensive on an enemy base.

The ‘Overwatch’ Pack hits Xbox Live Marketplace today for 400 MS points, with the PlayStation Network ($4.99) and PC (free!) following shortly.